25th - 26th June 2019 | London



Day 1
25 Jun 2019
08:15 - 09:25

Registration and Networking Breakfast

Welcome from Management Today

Kate Bassett, Head of Content, Management Today

KeynoteDiversity & Inclusion: The Government Perspective

  • D&I: Whose responsibility is it anyway?
  • What government is doing to remove barriers to equality and help to build a fairer society for everyone
  • Business initiatives: Beyond gender pay gap reporting
Hilary Spencer, Director, Government Equalities Office

Speaking OutTrue Colours: My life as the first openly transgender officer in the British Armed Forces

Flight Lieutenant Caroline Paige joined the RAF in 1980 as a male jet and helicopter navigator. In 1999, she became the first transgender officer to transition and serve openly in the UK Armed Forces, spending the next 16 years working as a female officer. She shares her story of transitioning, being her "true self", dealing with hostility, and proving her worth on the frontline in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Caroline Paige, Former Royal Air Force Navigator and Author, True Colours

Panel DiscussionHow to RECRUIT Inclusively

  • Agencies behaving badly
  • The ‘Recruitment Diversity Gap’. Should there be mandatory diversity reporting from recruiters?
  • How to attract the widest pool of talent? (Marketing/ advertising/ job specs)
  • Using AI to revolutionise interviews
  • How to boost your employer brand so it attracts a diverse pool of employees
  • From creating and advertising the initial job specification to selecting candidates for interview, learn practical tips on bringing in the best talent
Guest chair: Richard Bloom, Founder, Hidden
Neil Carberry, Chief Executive, Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC)
Ali Hanan, Founder and CEO, Creative Equals

Case StudyHow we did it, what we learned, what we can do better

We will hear from a top award-winning UK company on how they overhauled their recruitment processes to bring in more diverse employees, and the challenges they faced

KeynoteFlexible working; impossible dream?

  • Why work doesn’t work for anyone
  • Email everywhere
  • New work manifesto
  • Small changes to make work more fun
  • 40 hours is enough; four day week
Bruce Daisley, Vice President EMEA, Twitter

Panel DiscussionCreating Your Culture; Retaining your Staff

Session to cover:
  • Tips on how to build an inclusive culture
  • The effects of language and algorithms
  • Inclusive events - why we need to move beyond Friday-night drinks
  • Networks: do you create more, evolve them or are they divisive in their nature?
  • Everyone wants to feel like they belong. How do companies keep their top talent from looking elsewhere?
  • Retention schemes: what works, what doesn’t?
  • Research revealed: what keeps employees happy and engaged?
Vicky Quinn, Head of Recruitment, Haymarket Media Group
Guest Chair: Claire Warren: Editor, Work
Adrian Walcott, Co-Founder, BAME2020 Diversity Programme
Russ Shaw, Founder, Tech London Advocates

Case StudyHow we did it, what we learned, what we can do better

Our speaker will share best practice, practical tips and cost-benefits to the business of holding on to your best employees.
Mark Lomas, Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, HS2

Speaking OutComing Out of the Glass Closet

An LGBT champion shares their perspective on coming out, rising up and inclusive workplaces
  • Do you need to bring your whole self to work?
  • Thinking of your individuality as an asset
  • LGBT networks: help or hindrance?
Emma Woollcott, Partner and the Head of Reputation Protection at Mishcon de Reya
13:00 - 14:15

Lunch Break and Networking

Mental Health

Employers have a legal responsibility to help their employees. This talk will explore mental health issues in the workplace.
  • Mental health is one of the challenges of our time but is it also one of the great opportunities?
  • Globally a man dies every minute from suicide. How can men be encouraged to speak out?
  • What is the role of senior leaders in relation to the mental health agenda
  • Can companies build a happier more productive workforce by focusing on prevention?
Rob Stephenson, Founder, InsideOut

In Conversation

Our two speakers will explore our perceptions and reactions to different policies designed to promote Diversity & Inclusion
  • Do men and women perceive certain policies differently?
  • Why do our messages sometimes fail to get through?
  • How do we make sure we are communicating effectively?
Dan Guinness, Director, Good Lad Initiative
Christine Armstrong, Author, The Mother of All Jobs

Gender pay gaps – How do we close them?

  • Gender pay gap reporting: A snapshot of the nation. What we've learned.
  • The size of the gap and the causes
  • The impact of reporting. Does it go far enough? 
  • Research on what actually works
  • Actions by governments, employers and you
  • Duncan Brown, Head of Consulting, IES
    15:30 - 15:50

    Afternoon Break

    Seven reasons why diversity and inclusion is hard

  • Everyone, at all levels, is quick to say that there is a real need for D&I progression or even that we doing 'stuff' in that area.
  • Progress is often painfully slow and change is minimal. So what's really going on?
  • This honest and frank talk will share some of the reasons why change isn't happening as fast as it should be. We'll also share some simple and practical ways to start or keep momentum.
  • Elaine dela Cruz, Co-Founder, Project 23

    Speaking OutMy Dyslexic Superpower

    • A dyslexic’s story - how she turned her struggle into her super power
    • Dyslexic traits and skills - and how they make you more employable
    • How employers can help and encourage dyslexic staff
    Pip Jamieson, Founder and CEO, The Dots

    Six Degrees of Integration

    Speech and interview, Q&A Our speaker will talk about inequality in the UK and what to be done to bring out the best of everyone’s abilities. The speech will include:
    • Income statistics
    • Facing our uncomfortable truths
    • How we can address divisions in society

    Conference Closes


    The UK’s Leading Conference for D&I Professionals

    Day 1
    25 Jun 2019

    KeynoteWhy Inclusion Matters: The Evidence

    • A diversity and inclusion thought leader gives an overview of why inclusion is business-critical. Understand the landscape for D&I.
    • Stats and facts: what the research tells us.
    • D&I isn’t just the right thing to do, it also makes business sense. Learn how diverse organisations outperform their competitors.
    Stephen Frost, CEO and Founder, Frost Included
    Day 2
    26 Jun 2019

    The Forgotten Army

    • The untapped potential in people returning to the workplace after a career break
    • Why women’s careers rarely follow straight lines
    • How to source and attract returning talent
    • Creating a successful returners programme
    • Why everyone needs to play the long game when it comes to career and parenthood
    Lisa Unwin, Co-Author, She’s Back: Your Guide to Returning to Work

    InterviewDriving Organisational Change, Action to Results

  • Few people in the UK missed Channel 4s Superhuman film which announced their commitment to the Paralympics - the film was lauded as break through showing individuals of mixed abilities as powerful, empowered and superhuman.  
  • However the film was not the full story - Channel 4 also demonstrated commitment behind the scenes driving change across the whole organisation. 
  • We'll hear from Dan Brooke, ex-CMO of Channel 4, how they, unlike so many organisations, did not just talk the talk on Inclusion and Diversity but rather took action and incredible delivered results.
  • Dan Brooke, CEO, Dan Brooke Consulting
    Nadya Powell, Co-Founder, Utopia

    Panel DiscussionThe Generation Game

    This session will discuss the different ways of working and collaborating across the generations. From Baby boomers to Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z
    • What are the most common ways of working for these generations? Are they vastly different?
    • What can generations learn from each other?
    • How can tools and tech be transformative?
    • A hundred-year life – how do you make sure you are using the knowledge of older workers?
    • In a society that worships youth, older workers are often unfairly overlooked. Is ageism the last taboo?
    Madeleine Morris, Founder, The Society of Very Senior Creatives
    Patrick Thomson, Senior Programme Manager – Fulfilling Work, Centre for Ageing Better
    Bejay Mulenga, CEO, Supa Talent
    Guest Chair: Nicola Kemp, Trends Editor, Campaign
    11:10 - 11:30

    Morning Break

    Case StudyHow we did it, what we learned, what we can do better

    Kevin Costello, CEO of Haymarket Media Group will share his insights on the importance of D&I in business strategy. With a focus on diversity of markets, customers, ideas and talent, he will share key learnings on Haymarket's progress so far.
    Kevin Costello, CEO, Haymarket Media Group

    Speaking Out Menopause

  • Facing the uncomfortable - how do we address personal issues in the workplace
  • Understanding the 34 symptoms and the difficulties this can cause for some women
  • Best practice - how to support your team and colleagues who are going through the menopause
  • Coping with sleep, anxiety and depression
  • Meg Mathews, Founder, MegsMenopause.com

    Panel DiscussionFrom Labels to Limitless

  • Should we ditch the term "diversity" and just focus on talent?
  • Are labels damaging?
  • Is it the job of diverse talent to change the culture that breeds non-inclusivity?
  • Mark Webb, Marketing Director, upUgo
    Ete Davies, Managing Director, AnalogFolk
    Olivia Crooks, Client Service Manager, Spotify
    Guest Chair: Tolu Farinto, Director and Ambassador, The Young Black Business Awards
    Sam Phillips, CMO, Omnicom Media Group UK

    Mental Health

    Award-winning entrepreneur Michelle Morgan will talk about her journey, and her burn-out which led to anxiety and depression. Her company PJoys was created to help make mental health an everyday conversation.
    Michelle Morgan, Founder, PJoys
    13:10 - 14:15

    Lunch and Networking

    KeynoteHow to be an Inclusive Leader

    A business leader will deliver a keynote speech on inclusive leadership. They will explore themes of kindness/authenticity and vulnerability.
    Sir Philip Hampton, Chair, Hampton-Alexander Review

    Conference Close